Green Electricians

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Big Changes Are Coming To Our Industry. 

We are ready. Are you?

We can help you be ready.

“Carbon footprint,” “greenhouse emissions” and “global warming” are not just news stories. They are concerns that are driving change in electrical technology, revolutionising our industry.

As this new technology gathers momentum, TELDACO is ahead of the curve, as with every new development over the past years, we’ve been ready.

We’ve been researching and implementing “green” technology for some time; it is one of our specialties. From designing energy-smart electrical systems and commercial lighting to solar-electric augmentation, “green” technology is familiar ground to us.

TELDACO is particularly proud to help clients meet qualifications for assistance, tax incentives, and any Government Clean Energy Programs. Talk to us to find out if we can help your business qualify through energy-efficient technology.

“Green” technology often translates into huge savings on electricity, as well as additional profit towards your business

Here’s an idea nobody can argue with: Save the Earth and Money, too.



You can rely on the Master Electricians Member at Teldaco to provide you with future-proof technology for your business.