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The IP Phone system Evolution

Telephone systems have come a long way since the advent of the PABX. Although you may be currently using a PABX for your business, and it may be working just fine, the truth is you could be saving your company money and improving customer service by upgrading to a more efficient and integrated form of communication.

IP Telephony has made significant improvements over yesterdays PBXs, allowing corporations to connect directly from one geographical location to another without going through a public switch, allowing free and quick access between different branches of your company and enhanced integration with business systems.

While a business owner may be thinking “I already have a telephone system that hasn’t caused me any problems, why make the switch to IP?” Remember – your VHS was working perfectly well too when you decided to make the jump to DVD.

Value Proposition

Perhaps implementing a VOIP system into your business is something you want to do, but you are still on the fence about making the investment. Times are tough and considering making any type of investment can make any business owner or corporate executive leery. A VOIP system however can pay for itself, possibly many times over, in just one year. The telephone company charges by the minute, and even if that charge is only a few cents, if your company spends 8 hours a day on the phone those dollars quickly add up.

We understand these are trying economic times and for the most part, businesses are looking to cut costs. Implementing an IP PBX system however will liberate your business from the strangle hold of telephone companies and will create a network between your companies various locations capable of three button dialling from an office in Brisbane to another anywhere in the country, without that per minute fee the phone companies charge.

Let Us Help You Integrate

So you have researched the benefits and savings of a VOIP system and made the decision to make the switch from your old PABX, now what? Any type of technical crossover can have most business owners reaching for the aspirin. Let the team of professionals at TELDACO help you integrate a state of the art IP Telephony system throughout your business without the headache. Our skilled technicians will be there every step of the way to install, test, and maintain your IP Telephony system.

Technical support is available should you ever have a problem with your new VOIP system and we back up our work 100%, so you can rest assured knowing any technical issues that may come up will be swiftly resolved by one of our skilled engineers. Let us help you start saving your company money and improving customer service by choosing a TELDACO IP Telephony specialist to install your new IP Telephony System today.


You can rely on the Master Electricians Member at Teldaco to provide you with future-proof technology for your business.